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Subject: Operating System                                                                Marks: 100

1. What is Operating System? Explain its type and minimum 4 developer’s name with their official web site name.

2. Explain minimum 25 hardware device of computer with their work process.

3. Short Notes (Minimum 300 Words)

  1. Screen Saver, Wallpaper, Desktop, Icon and Start menu.
  2. Control Panel

4. Difference Between (Minimum 300 Words)

  1. Note Pad and Word Pad
  2. My Computer and Windows Explorer

5. Explain at least ten work of any operating system.

6. Write at least 30 Operating system name with their developer name.

7. Explain the difference between Windows OS, Unix OS, Novell OS, Apple OS and Linux OS.

8. Write at least 30 shortcut keys of Windows OS.

9. Explain the following.

  1. Application Software
  2. Programming Language
  3. Multimedia Package
  4. Database Software

10. Who much application software generally comes with Windows XP Operating System? Write their name with their uses.